Preferred Pathway to Webster University Geneva

After exchanging curriculum information and in light of the excellent academic results, Webster University Geneva ( has accepted to create a preferred admission track for students from the International School of Altdorf. In particular, Webster University Geneva will recognize “advanced standing” credits, depending on the graduation diploma, to students from International School of Altdorf who will then have the opportunity to complete Webster’s bachelor programs in less than four years.

About Webster University Geneva:

As an incredibly diverse campus, Webster University Geneva is home to students from more than 75 different nations. Students can choose from one of our many Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs, with majors in Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, International Relations, Media Studies, Psychology, and more. Master program options include Master of Arts degrees in International Relations, an MA in Communications Management, an MA in Counseling–as well as a new MBA curriculum, a Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing, and other career-related programs.