Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel


Mr. de Dardels was the former Swiss Ambassador to China, Belgium and France, as well as former Head of Mission of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and UNESCO. He is the founder and president of our school.

Hans Huerlimann


Mr. Hürlimann is the Director of Education Department of the city of Buchrain in Switzerland, President of three public schools in Buchrain, and former principal of Swiss International School in Singapore. He’s the overall director of our school, concentrating on school strategy and key policy decisions.


Francesco Masetti Placci

Executive Dean, IB CP Coordinator Designate

Dr. Masetti holds a Ph.D in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from University of Bologna and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from the Politechnic of Milan. He has 35 years of professional experience as teacher, as a school administrator and as a corporate executive. He has taught Telecommunications, Mathematics and Physics courses in Universities and Secondary Schools in Italy, France, USA and China and written many scholar papers.

Nicoletta Scalabrin

IB MYP Coordinator Designate

Ms. Scalabrin has a B.A in Arts and Literature from University Ca’ Foscari in Venice, a M.A. in Comparative Literature from La Sorbonne in Paris, a PGCSE in Literature from the University of Nottingham. Mrs. Scalabrin has 35 years of teaching experience in Languages, Literature and Arts in various International Schools in Italy, France, China and the US where she was also an assistant professor of English and French literature at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Peter Rider

IB DP Coordinator

Mr. Rider holds a M.A. in Literary Theory, a BA (Hons) in English Literature and a PGCE teaching degree in Literacy from the UK. He has over 35 years of experience, working in science before teaching internationally for 15 years and working in schools in Germany, Austria, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Ann Northfield

Teacher of English

Ms. Northfield has degrees in English Literature, History, a Master’s in Literature and a PGCE from University of Hull. She has taught English Language and Literature in various schools and colleges in the UK and internationally, including 11 years at the International School of Zug & Luzern and has worked as an examiner for various boards. She has always encouraged students to develop their knowledge, to read and to communicate with people from different nationalities and cultures.

Robin Griffith

Teacher of English Acquisition

Mr. Griffith holds a B.Sc. in Urban Land Adminstration from Portsmouth Polytechnic and a PGCE from Oxford Polytechnic. He has over 35 years of experience teaching English Acquisition, creative writing, music and social skills to students in both Primary and Secondary schools. He has been responsible for Additional Needs, teaching Special Education support and inclusiveness for 13 years.

Keith Isza

Teacher of Economics and Business

Mr. Isza has 20 years of teaching experience, mostly in the USA, with the last 6 years at an American International school in Switzerland. He holds a B.A. in History, a Master’s Degree in Social Studies, two teacher certifications from the USA and he is currently completing a Doctorate in Education. He has taught mainly Economics and Business but also History, and Government and Law. He has also worked with students coaching football, wrestling, baseball, and track and field, personally enjoying running and exercising.

Jessica Zahnd

Teacher of Psychology and Biology

Ms. Zahnd holds a Masters in Education, Teaching Credential, Bachelors and Minors in Psychology and Biology respectively from the University of San Diego. She is specialized in teaching to the English Language Learner, has professional experience with students of many backgrounds and has lived and worked in Nepal, India, Australia, United States and Switzerland. She brings a multicultural angle of pedagogy and the unique experience of completing the IB herself.

Fanny Beaudier

Teacher of Mathematics and Design

Ms. Beaudier earned a Master of Engineering in Energy, Building, Environment from Polytech Annecy Chambéry, Université Savoie Mont Blanc after two years of preparatory classes. She spent three years as an engineer in France and the United Kingdom, then started teaching in an IB school located in the south of France, promoting practical applications, projects and experiences, which help learners to understanding and apply new concepts.

Remco Crefcoeur

Teacher of Biology and Chemistry

Mr. Crefcoeur has a M.Sc. in Life Science & Technology from TU Delft and a Ph.D. from University of Geneva with a dissertation on molecular cancer biology. In Geneva he was lab teaching assistant for the biochemistry and molecular biology lab course, coordinating and teaching the DNA labs for two years. Aside from his teaching and research activities, Mr. Crefcoeur has worked as an analytical chemist in the Netherlands.

Yuqin Hong

Teacher of Chinese

Ms. Hong has obtained her Education Certificate in Mathematics from University in Shanghai. She was a Chinese IB teacher in Institut Montana and has been teaching Chinese in the Klubschule in Switzerland for more than 10 years. Ms. Hong is also a poet whose work has been published in Chinese and foreign poetry magazines. She has also published a book of poems titled The Time Code.

Pierre Zerfass

Teacher of German Acquisition

Mr. Zerfass holds a B.A. in Theology from Trier University and a M.A. in Catholic Theology from Freiburg University and post-graduate university courses in Perugia and Zurich. He has been teaching Philosophy and Religions for many years, then he has been involved in mentoring students for social projects in Switzerland. Since 2003 he has been teaching German and French in various private schools, in social projects directed by Charitas and to students at Cesar Ritz Colleges in Luzern.

Nicola Seu

Teacher of History and TOK

Mr. Seu obtained his BA at the University of Sassari, an MA in History and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS, University of London, a PGCE in History at the University of Southampton and a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Politics obtained in 2014 at the University of Vienna. In the Middle East, he attended intensive courses of Arabic and Hebrew and he has taught Languages and Humanities in Egypt, Israel, Austria, China and UK. He is also an experienced writer and journalist, publishing his work in newspapers, research papers, books and diaries.

Dino Sola

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr. Sola earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics and Master’s Degree in Iberian Linguistics at UC Santa Barbara and also holds a degree in Quantitative Techniques in Financial Markets. He has 30 years of teaching experience, in the USA and as a professor of Finance, Mathematics and Quantitative Methods in International University of Monaco.

Vasileios Bilalis

Teacher of Physics

Mr. Bilalis obtained a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Physics and a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from National Technical University of Athens. He has over 10 years of experience, acquired working for 2 IB continuum International schools in Netherlands and Italy as a DP and MYP Physics Teacher and for a Greek private IB DP school.

Donghua Li

Sports Coach

Mr. Li won the gold medal in pommel horse at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, competing for Switzerland. He has been involved with sports and training for all his life. At International School Altdorf, he supports students during all of their sports activities, especially outside of class like golf and ski.

Student Service Staff

Anita Ladanyi

Boarding Manager

Ms. Ladányi joined the team of International School Altdorf in 2018 as a boarding supervisor. She graduated as a Fitness Instructor in 2001 and a Kindergarten Teacher in 2007. Sha has many years of experience working with children and teenage students, ensuring mentoring, safety, guidance and constant support.

Miklos Steklacs

Boarding Supervisor

Mr. Steklacs holds a B.A. In International Relations from Eotvos Lorand University of Science and M.A. in Chinese Studies from Central South University. He has experience in childcare and teaching, and has lived in USA and in China in the last three years, before joining International School Altdorf. He is also familiar with sports, digital marketing and speaks Hungarian, English, Chinese and German.

Eva Harfai

Boarding Supervisor

Ms. Eva joined International school altdorf after 20 years of experience in childcare, including working in an orphanage and in institutions for social services to children picked up from the family. She also worked as caregiver and support supervisor for 4 years in a hospital. She can provide students mentoring and safety support to study in a calm, orderly environment.

Cheryl Nick

Health Safety Manager

Ms. Nick did her medical studies in the US. She has over 30 years of Experience in medicine. She provides medical services to the student to promote health, prevention of illnesses and responds to medical emergencies. She has lived in 3 countries and understands the needs of multicultural families and the needs of students living in a boarding school environment.