Academic Support

Whether English is a student’s first or second language, our faculty and staff are there for every individual every day of the week. Academic support at International School Altdorf is an integral part of the experience – we believe students thrive when they receive one-on-one attention. Our tutoring and mentoring programs provide this guidance while our exam preparation courses help them focus on important topics not usually covered in the IGCSE or IB programmes.

IB and IGCSE ProgrammesWe understand that students studying abroad or studying in English for the first time, there may be additional challenges they must overcome as they get settled. Our guidance counselors are here to support them from course selection to tutoring and support with time management. The IGCSE programme is the ideal preparation for the IBDP, so our university guidance counselors also work with our younger students to ensure that the classes they select for the first two years of secondary school will complement what they would like to study during the IBDP and at university.
TutoringTeachers, teachers’ assistants and counselors make themselves available before and after school to provide students with one-on-one tutoring opportunities. This support includes supervision of evening studies, ongoing university advising, support with specific subjects and homework assignments, and the prefect service system
MentoringInternational School Altdorf offers an after-school mentoring program that is available to all students. Every teacher mentors a number of students and gives them personalized guidance. This allows students and teachers to not only build a relationship of trust and understanding, but it also helps create an open and more inclusive classroom environment.
Extracurricular Test and Exam PreparationsThe school provides several opportunities for students to receive additional exam support outside of class. These courses are usually conducted during the school breaks, for example during winter and summer vacation, and Christmas and Easter holidays.

  • TOEFL Exam Preparation
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • SAT Exam Preparation
  • German Language Proficiency Test Preparation
  • French Language Proficiency Test Preparation


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Extra Lessons Catalogue Dec. 2023