Your Home Away From Home

Our residences and the family-like culture at our school have been designed for students who are living and studying away from home. At International School Altdorf, they will feel welcome and taken care of – which is a big source of comfort for parents and guardians who are often in a different place.

Student Rooms


Students can choose to stay in a double or triple room, each one equipped with a bathroom. The students living in the on-campus residence are looked after by accommodation managers who ensure students have a caring adult to turn to if they struggle with homesickness or homework assignments. International School Altdorf students enjoy the strong sense of community that they feel by studying and living with their classmates.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the residence seven days of the week. The meal options always vary and consist of nutritious and balanced options. If a student has special dietary restrictions, the kitchen will be informed upon their enrollment so that they can adjust their menu to the student’s needs.

After-School Activities

International School Altdorf has supported extracurricular activities (ECAs) since its opening in 2017 and is now running a formal programme every week throughout the entire year, because we believe that it can be a valuable experience for students to have the opportunity to participate into activities outside of the usual structured classroom setting.

Typical Day