Our Vision

We are committed to strengthening our reputation as an outstanding academic institution that provides a challenging and well-rounded education to students from across the globe. We aim to foster critical thinking skills, knowledge and a life-long love of learning that helps our students thrive as global citizens. International School Altdorf is dedicated to shaping future generations of leaders who are prepared to tackle global challenges with confidence. Our students, staff and teachers are driven by our values of openness, inclusivity, diversity, environmental sustainability and excellence in achievement.

Academic Foundation at International School Altdorf


We strive for academic excellence and support our students in the development of their individual abilities


We promote creative problem solving both in a local and a global context.


Our students understand themselves while learning to respect the perspectives, values and culture of others.


Students are taught to take personal ownership of their actions and what it means to be a citizen of the world.


We impart on students the importance of multilingual communication, audience adaptation and the virtue of listening in cooperating with others.


Our students learn to understand their strengths and weaknesses through a guided process of self-reflection and personal development.


Class sizes range from five to 20 students depending on the popularity of the course. These small class sizes lead to excellent academic results and focused personal growth.


Our multicultural environment gives students a network of international friends and helps them develop respect and understanding between cultures.

Exploratory Learning

Students can practice theoretical knowledge in hands-on learning opportunities where they experience firsthand how to approach complex problems.


Every International School Altdorf teacher mentors a number of students and is available after school to tutor them according to their needs.