Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education

The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a two-year educational programme that we offer for students usually between 14 and 16 years old. The IGCSE qualification is recognized worldwide and serves as an ideal preparation for further studies and international qualifications.

Furthermore, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education is the world’s most popular international qualification for young students. Not only is it truly international – it gives students more options than any other international qualification, allowing students more ways to learn and succeed.

Why Choose Cambridge IGCSE?

University Preparation

98% of Admission Officers surveyed said Cambridge programmes give students excellent preparation for universities.

International Languarge Tests

Achieving a good grade in IGCSE English is often enough to satisfy the language requirements for most universities in English-speaking nations.

Worldwide Recognition

IGCSE is delivered in schools in over 140 countries and is recognized by colleges and universities around the world.


Our International General Certificate of Secondary Education programme offers courses from of 4 categories. Each course is taught by teachers who are experts in their respective fields and have an international level of experience.

Students will learn to work and communicate in English as well as apply their knowledge to new and familiar situations. They are required to take two language courses, one mathematics course, one humanities course and one experimental science course.

In addition to this IGCSE programme, students take part in additional courses, activities and personal projects to help them develop a broad set of academic and social skills.


• English: First Language

• English: Second Language

• German: Second Language

• French: Second Language

• Chinese: First Language


• Economics

• Business Studies

• History

Experimental Sciences

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Biology

• Combined Sciences


• International Mathematics

• Additional Mathematics