Academic Calendar 2021-2022

The school starts on the 30th of August 2021, with the prior week dedicated to the induction of students to get them to familiarize with the school, the staff and receive the necessary materials to start the year.

A report is delivered to the parents at the end of each semester containing the cumulative grades for each subject, comments and feedback from the teachers and other valuable information.

First Semester (2021)

Student Arrival and Induction Week
August 23 - August 29
First Day of School
August 30
October Break
October 18 - October 24
All Saints (Holiday)
November 1
Christmas Break
December 20 - January 9
First Semester Report
January 16

Second Semester (2022)

Beginning of Second Semester
January 17
Winter Sports Week (Mandatory)
January 31 - February 6
Easter Break
April 15 - April 24
Ascension (Holiday)
May 26 - May 27
Pentecost (Holiday)
June 6
Last Day of School
June 24
End of Year Reports
July 2